High infections in New York State due to the Corona virus

High infections in New York State due to the Corona virus

The number of infections in America is getting worse and the number of deaths is also increasing in 

America as a result of the coronavirus or coronavirus that has spread to the world.

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The United States made a milestone on Monday after health officials announced 3,000 HIV-related 


Coronary in the country, with about 900 from New York City alone, according to data from Johns 

Hopkins University.

New York is now the American Center for HIV and has more than 67,000 cases. More than a third of 

deaths occurred in the state in the state.

USNS Comfort, a Navy hospital ship with 1,000 beds and 12 operating theaters, has arrived at New 

York Harbor

 Earlier today. The floating hospital may be ready to receive patients early on Tuesday, amid 

mounting pressure

 The health care workers in the city.

POMPEO warns that every country should "apply and provide accurate and transparent information" 


Irakli Calarge bears a banner against the fence at platform 90 while it arrives at USNS Comfort, a 

marine hospital ship

With a capacity of 1000 beds, on Monday 30 March 2020, in New York. (AP / Cathy Willins Photo)

The Empire State Building in New York was lit Monday night and will remain awake throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to honor workers in the field

Medical and first responders.

"We will never stop shining for you," she said.

Governor Andrew Como asked for DNA, relief for healthcare professionals currently working on the front lines. He Said

 Nearly 14,000 people were tested for the virus yesterday, and nearly 10,000 are currently hospitalized.

Como said at the Javits Center, the New York City conference hall that has turned into an emergency hospital, USA Today,

 "In this battle, the forces are our healthcare professionals." "We need relief. We need relief

For nurses who work 12-hour shifts. We need relief for the doctors. Help us now and we will return the favor. "

He spoke while the number of victims of COVID-19 in New York City rose to 914 on Monday afternoon. An additional 253 people died in

 The state within 24 hours. He said that only one county in New York does not have an HIV case.

New York under the threat of Corona virus

"If you wait for the readiness to strike a storm, it is too late," the New York Times quoted the governor as saying. "You must prepare

Before the storm hits. In this case, the storm is when it reaches this high point, when it hits that top. How

Know when to get there? you are not like that."

New York reported an 11 percent increase in patients who were diagnosed with corona viruses, and only 6,751 cases

 Monday. Como said anyone who believed the coronavirus was just a case in New York City was "in denial."

New York Central Park is now Coronavirus Field Hospital as viruses that travel through the city

He added: "No American is immune to this virus. I don't care if you live in Kansas, and I don't care if you live in

Texas. "No American is immune. What is happening in New York is not an anomaly. "

The number of infections and deaths due to the Corona virus

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has deployed 85 refrigerated trucks in New York City to serve as memorials

Temporary, as hospitals will put an overflow of bodies. The New York Office of Medical Examiners (OCME) said it could

It doubles the morgue's capacity in the city, from 3500 to 7000.

A field hospital has also been built in the city's famous Central Park to help meet the demand for additional hospital beds

 During a coronavirus outbreak.

the mountain. Sinai Hospital said in a statement obtained by Fox News that it is in partnership with the Samaritan portfolio and government agencies

The other will be based in East Meadow. It will enable physicians to "provide care for patients suffering from a serious disease

Using COVID-19. "

The number of cases in America due to coronavirus coronavirus

In the United States, there are currently more than 4,000 HIV cases in ten states.

In California, the governor of Gavin Newsom said the state may need 50,000 extra beds in the hospital,

 With peak events expected within a few weeks on the West Coast.

Globally, COVID-19 infected more than 785,000 people in 178 countries and regions, resulting in more

 Of the 37,686 deaths.

The center of the virus in Europe, Italy now has 101,739 cases as of Tuesday morning, more than 18,000 cases from China.

Spain also surpassed China in terms of the total number of cases.

Other affected countries around the world are Germany, France, Iran and the United Kingdom, which have seen the Prime Minister

British Boris Johnson says he was positive on Friday.

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